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West Warwick Angels Caring for Animals, Inc.
P.O. Box 752
West Warwick, RI 02893

Love Matters!

5 year old Pomeranian Peanut came to the shelter in a disheveled state. Her fur was overgrown and matted so badly she needed to be shaved. Peanut was groomed and vetted and began to show her personality. So lively and sweet, giving kisses and cuddles freely to her caretakers. Peanut blossomed and showed the world who she could be, who she was. She was recently adopted into her loving, forever home!

Thirteen kittens were left in a box outside the shelter. There were two litters between the ages of two and four weeks of age. The kittens were too young to eat on their own and had to be hand raised. Unfortunately, kittens’ milk is $49 a container. We went through many containers of kittens’ milk with 13 kittens. As the kittens developed, they had to see our veterinarian for necessary medical attention. One kitten had to be rushed to Ocean State emergency services due to an internal defect.  At the tender age of nine weeks, sadly, we lost him. We spent over $3000 taking care of this one case. After adopting the kittens to new homes, we were able to recover $880 but absorbed a loss of $2120. This is why the fundraising that we do throughout the year is so important.

West Warwick Angels West Warwick Angels Caring for Animals West Warwick Angels Caring For Animals -
West Warwick Angels Caring for Animals
West Warwick, Rhode Island

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West Warwick Angels Caring for Animals, Inc. is an all volunteer 501(c) 3 non-profit organization which raises money to provide for the humane treatment and care of all animals that reside in the Town of West Warwick.

401-354-9277                    P.O. Box 752 West Warwick, R.I.  02893             Email:

Angels has two programs offered to any resident of the town in need of assistance; Spay/Neuter and Veterinary Funds.  Angels Spay/Neuter Program for the residents' pets of West Warwick has spayed and neutered seventy-two cats and dogs since March 1, 2018. The Veterinary Funds are available for low income residents who are in need of assistance with veterinary care.

West Warwick Angels Caring for Animals Inc. is offering spay/neuter for cats/kittens and dogs, at a reduced rate for residents with financial need in the Town of West Warwick.



Per cat/kitten includes vaccines

Must show proof of residency



Per dog does not include vaccines

Must show proof of residency


Pit bull/Pit bull mix dogs are free

Vaccines are not included.

Must show proof of residency.


Please contact West Warwick Angels at

 401-354-9277 or

Thank you!!!.